Myth number five – all carbohydrates are the same. First let’s list some carbohydrates: table sugar, green beans, white bread, an Apple, honey, brown sugar, pasta, corn, soda crackers, most sweetened kids cereals and oranges. All of these foods either are 100% carbohydrates or mostly carbohydrates. As you will notice some of these foods are healthy and some not so healthy. The difference lies in the fact that some foods are whole foods and some are processed foods, healthy or unhealthy if you will. Whole foods contain all of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrient, and other elements that nature intended. Processing on the other hand involves the removal of many or most of these elements. In addition, processed foods are more calorie dense than whole foods so you tend to consume more calories when you eat processed carbohydrates. So, as you see all carbohydrates indeed are not the same.