Are you one of those people who each almost nothing all day and then when you get home in the evening at dinner time you eat a huge meal followed by snacks and junk food later in the evening and by bedtime your stuffed? Well there’s a reason that you’re so voracious when you get home in the evenings. During the day eating almost nothing causes your body to think that you’re experiencing short term starvation, so when you finally see some food your body causes you to eat a greater volume because it thinks this may be the only thing you’ll get today. It truly is a survival mechanism. What can you do about this? Multiple small meals always works. Try it sometime. Try eating 3 or 4 small 3-400 calorie meals each 3-4 hours apart before 6pm. You’ll see that all of a sudden this tremendous psychological need to eat huge amounts is not there. In addition, you’ll see that you have greater energy during the day, plus you’ll get a more balanced flow of nutrients, fluid and fiber eating multiple small meals. Doing this will take some planning. However in today’s markets there are many food choices that make this easier. For example, all the 100 calorie packs you see advertised, plus there are hundreds of prepackaged bars and snacks some of which are actually healthy choices. These types of foods are convenient, you can store them for long periods of time and are pre-packaged, so you can take them with you anywhere you go. Just open and eat.