Speed Up your Metabolism

Myth number 4 ….I can’t lose weight because I have a slow metabolism. The speed of human metabolism ranges about 20%. Some people have a  metabolism up to 10% faster than average. On the other hand some people have metabolisms up to 10% slower than average. In layman’s terms, the average female with a 10% slower metabolism than average would gain about 13 pounds a year more than a person with an average metabolism. If you think you have a slow metabolism, all you have to do it’s adjust your caloric intake down by about 10% and you’ll be the same as someone with an average metabolism.

High sugar diet will kill you

Myth number 3….Sugar in your diet will make you gain weight.  The truth is, sugar which comes in many forms is a necessary part of your daily diet.  In the average diet sugar is a portion of our consumption.  Along with fat, protein, fiber, water and essential nutrients, sugar is used for immediate and short term energy.  While ”processed” sugar (all the healthy components removed) can increase the chances of Diabetes and rot your teeth, it’s not the culprit responsible for fat gain or loss.  It is the number of calories consumed vs. the number burned that causes this loss or gain.

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Eating late at night will make you Fat

Myth number 2 in the series..Eating after 8pm makes you fat

The truth is, we usually eat our quota of calories (the number of calories needed to maintain our current weight) by 8pm, then we eat excess calories after 8pm. These calories don’t make us fatter BECAUSE we eat them then lay down and sleep but rather because these calories represent excess calories for the day. In addition, the foods we generally eat after 8pm are the sweeter, better tasting, higher calorie foods.  It does’t take much of these choices to add lots of calories to our day.

Myth number 1 in the series…You must eat breakfast to help you lose weight.  This “starts up” or boosts your metabolism.

The truth is, when you eat makes NO DIFFERENCE when it comes to losing weight. It is really the TOTAL CALORIES COMSUMED vs. total calories burned in a day (24 hr period) that determines fat gain or loss. Believe me. In my over 30 years experience I’ve trained hundreds of clients from bodybuilders to ladies that are over 100 lbs overweight and this truth ALWAYS works

and remember, before you believe anything you read or hear relating to diet and exercise, PLEASE!! CHECK OUT THE CREDENTIALS OF THE AUTHOR


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Hello and Welcome!

First, I’d like to introduce myself: My name is John Howie and I live in Monroe, North Carolina. You can check out all my credentials on my site.

I’m setting out on a mission to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. I don’t subscribe to fads or the latest “fixes.” Rather my approach to fitness is science based and comes from over 40 years of experience with clients. There are certain truths in weight control that are absolute and non changing. I will be posting logs on a regular basis relating to fitness, weight control, and fat loss as well as weight training. Please feel free to comment on my logs at any time.


John Howie

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