Most eating plans involve only choices that are whole, natural and healthy while completely eliminating junk food. As you probably know, this is not a sustainable format. You might be able to do it for a few weeks but before you know it your back to your old eating choices and gaining the weight back.
Consider some type of rotation of good and bad choices.
For both of the following options assume that you are 1200 cal per day plan.
Option one – Cheat Meal
Once a week pick one meal where you actually plan to eat anything you want.
When you consider total calories consumed in seven days versus the caloric excess in your cheat meal you will find that the damage to your diet is extremely minimal.
Here’s why it works.
Let’s say your cheat meal is Saturday night.
Wednesday or Thursday you begin to anticipate what you’re going to eat for your cheat meal. You can think to yourself, I can make it till then because it’s going to be great.
Conversely after you gorge yourself you are convicted by how full and stuffed you feel and your failure to maintain the pattern.
This conviction gives you the the willpower to get back on the program on Sunday morning.
Option two – again, you are on a 1200 cal diet.
Pick a time of day and satisfy your cravings with a bad food choice that contains 100 cal. It can be anything: A small piece of chocolate or 100 cal of cake or pie or candy. If you do the numbers you will see it will make about a 1/5 of a pound difference in your weight loss per week. That’s about 3 ounces per week less that you would lose. When you consider the anticipation and the conviction just as an option 1 you see that this option improves the likelihood of continuing the plan successfully.
Try it one week and you’ll see.

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