I have been asked several times over the years if it s possible spot reduce. The correct answer is no.
Body fat is stored under the skin and on top of the muscles. Let me explain how fat is stored using the abdominal area as an example. Let’s say you’re fat is 3 inches deep around the belly button. Move up 2 inches to the mid abdominal area, Here the fat is 2 inches deep. If you move up another 2 inches to the upper abdominal area it the fat will be about 1 inch deep and so on.

Now, when you go on a diet your body will use stored body fat for energy thereby reducing the total fat on your body. Here’s the key, as your body uses the stored fat up and down your abdominal wall it uses the fat at the same rate all along the abdominal wall from the belly button up to the chest.

Now, remember the 3 inches deep, 2 inches deep, and 1 inch deep visualization. When the body has used up the 1 inch in the upper abdominal area the 2 inches deep mid abdominal area is reduced to 1 inch and the 3 inches deep lower abdominal area fat has been reduced to 2 inches. Now, if you continue to diet the same way the 1 inch deep mid abdominal area will be reduced to zero and the 2 inch deep lower area will be reduced to 1 inch of depth. Now all of a sudden it looks like you lost all the fat from your upper and middle abs and you haven’t lost any off your lower abs, when in reality you just had more fat on your lower abs to reduce than you did on your mid or upper abs.

The fact is the lower abdominal area fat is the last to go and of course the first comeback.
Also just in case you ever wondered, there’s a good reason that most of our fat is stored around our central area or midsection. This is where our center of gravity is. It’s the most logical place to store fat because this is where extra body mass will not throw us off balance. Yes it’s true that some of us store it in the front, some of us store it on the sides and some of us store it in the back area but never the less fat is generally stored around our midsection.

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